Thursday, July 21, 2011

The start of another hobby

Picked up this equatorial mount today, its function is to follow the rotation of the Earth for use in astrophotography. I've been wanting to get into astrophotography for a long time, that's actually the main reason why I wanted a DSLR in the first place because I tried (although unsuccessfully) with my bridge camera many moons ago, only to find out in the end that it is only possible with a DSLR. And now that I've met a friend that have been into this hobby for many years, I found out that it gets waaay more technical than needing "just a DSLR". I am really glad that I will have a "master" teaching me all this along the way rather than pulling out my hair trying to figure it out by myself though. I still need a few more items to complete my initial setup, hopefully I will be all setup and ready for my first lesson in the next few weeks! Can't wait!

Part 1


  1. wooah,, I am still confused what this huge thing for,,
    but congrat for your new hobby :D

  2. Awesome! And good luck and have lots of fun with new hobby. : )

  3. So let me get this straight, the mount has a motor in it to help it follow the rotation of the earth so when you make the longer exposures needed to capture the night sky they are not streaked or blurred... right?

  4. Yup chunky B got it right on the nail! That's exactly what it does! Plus it has a GOTO function, I just need to input the name of my target and it will point in the right direction (after initial alignment of course)

    The mount is made for telescopes, so my dinky DSLR will be a piece of cake for this mount. But I will hopefully be adding a telescope into my arsenal soon after as well!