Friday, July 8, 2011

June Amiami Haul

Another package arrived from Amiami for the month of June, this time it was a bit late because of the Canada Post strike we just had for a few weeks. Glad that's over and I can get my toy fix now haha!

Seriously though? This is fragile stuff! I found after opening the box that taped up part was actually a huge hole! Looked like something punctured it from outside and they tried to cover it up with tape.

Luckily Amiami did a great job with their packaging and nothing was damaged. The toys literally only took up half the box, there was layers and layers of packing paper which I am soooo glad it was there!


Picked up the 4 main GREEDS from Kamen Rider OOO's in soft vinyl form. I've always had a soft spot for soft vinyl figures since I grew up with them as a kid. Been wanting to start collecting these for a while, finally have the excuse to get them with these greeds haha.





Not a GREED, but still waaay cool, MMPR Red Ranger

This Garo horse looks amazing, it is really a piece of art more than a toy haha

SHF Faiz Blaster Form

Endless Waltz Wing Gundam Custom...this guy is sweet! I hope they do the whole Wing gundam team. Wing gundam was the first Gundam show I ever watched so it is really special to me.

I am also a big fan of these small box candy toys which is also from my childhood. I remember going to 7-eleven in HK after school and looking through all the candy toys they have there. I am disappointed to say that 7-eleven nowadays only have a small shelf dedicated to candy toys, they just don't have the selection they used to.

This one here is called Moji Bakeru. They are small transforming toys that change from their Kanji animal character to their corresponding animal figure. For example, this series include a "Lion" in kanji that can transform into a lion-looking toy. I actually first learn about this series in a magazine scan I saw online. When I saw it, I knew I gotta get me some, but the magazine was in Japanese and I had no idea what these toys were called. But one day while browsing Amiami, I found out they have them, but were out of stock. So I've been eagle-eyeing it for a while and when it was in stock I grabbed it right away. I am glad I did since these things sell out QUICK! They were in stock for max 10 minutes before they were sold out again!


One pack comes with 20 boxes!

And lastly, something I've been waiting for sooo long...Kamen Rider OOO Series 3 candy toys!!! I got Series 2 a while ago, missed out on Series 1 though. These figures are similar to GI Joe size and their head/torso/legs can split and combine with other figures to create unique combos just like in the show!


Not pictured are some Obitsu stands that I almost add a few in every order I get from Amiami since they are so cheap and flexible, I have 9 of them still in package right now lol! Also picked up another Revoltech Woody to keep MOC for my collection, I just love his perverted face! LOL


  1. Awesome! Congrats on all the goodies and am glad to see no damage was done to them.

  2. wow nice haul. Is that your second woody?

  3. pretty good,pretty good! Wing Gundam looks bitchin' XD

  4. Thanks all!

    @jboypacman: Ya I was pretty scared that something would be damaged with that gapping whole on the side of the box, but luckily Amiami had probably 50% of the box filled with packing paper so they were secured in the middle of the box.

    @LEon: Yup haha it's my second Woody. I just like the figure so much I wanted one for MOC in my collection.

    @Super: Yup Wing Gundamn looks sweet! I really hope they do the rest of the team though!

  5. awesome haul bro,
    I would request for the RODA wing to be reviewed hehe,,
    and Uva is handsome here

  6. Thanks RiP, will review the Wing gundam next weekend!

  7. Man, so fortunate that all come came safe and sound. I gotten check out the site for MMPR Green Ranger.

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