Friday, July 15, 2011

Arkham Asylum - Bane

I still remember playing this game last October and after I fought Bane, I thought to myself that if they come out with a Bane figure, I'd definitely get it. Bane is one of my favorite villains in Batman because he's so strong and his whole get-up just looks so cool! When I saw this figure at the local comic store, I was debating whether I should get him because I don't collect any DC figures, but I am glad I end up bringing him home because he is just such an amazing figure!


If you have played the Arkham Asyslum game before, you will know how accurate this figure is to his in-game design.


There isn't a whole lot of articulation in this figure. However, this is probably the first time I prefer a figure to lack in articulation because with articulation comes more cuts and joints in the figure which takes away the details.



The details on this figure is just breath-taking, I spent quite some time just sitting there admiring this figure haha!


They didn't skimp out on any details, even his feet are very nicely done. He can stand fine without the stand, but it does add some stability.


Although there isn't many articulation points, I am glad they decided to keep the shoulder joints so he can look even more menacing. Total articulation points include swivel head, ball-jointed shoulders, cut waist, cut knees, and cut angles. His neck joint felt like it could move back and forth a bit, but I did not force it as I don't want to break this figure.


Look at those hands and fingers...even the nails are textured...




This figure is an amazing deal at $20. It's another one of those highly detailed figures which lack in articulation (ex. Marvel Select). Even though it doesn't have good articulation, the details more than make up for it. I actually wish the Marvel Select figures would be made in some attacking pose rather than just plain standing there now that I got this Bane. So for anyone that is a fan of Batman, I highly recommend picking this figure up! I think he will become a hard-to-find one very soon, so get him while you have the chance!

I absolutely LOVE this figure! BEST $20 spent in a LOOONG TIME!!!


  1. Just a amazing piece and where did you find this at?

  2. aww,, you driving me crazy LOL
    what an awesome detail that put in this Bane

  3. @jboypacman: Stumbled upon this at my local comic store, I haven't been there in ages, but I was craving to check them out. Glad I did go because they only had one of these in stock!

    @RiP666: You know you want this! Haha it's such a great deal for $20!

  4. He looks great! I still need to track down Harley Quinn from this line though.

  5. Hey Bubbashelby! Ya I was just looking at this series and it seems like Wave 1 is getting hard to come by now! I actually want that whole wave too! Joker, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, and Batman!

  6. Great price. I believed the amazing details and paint works on this figure compensated the lack of articulation. Just like some non movable figure with excellent details.

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