Saturday, July 30, 2011

More display room!

Sooo in last night's post, I was just saying that I was running out of display room. But today I picked up this book shelf from Walmart which opened up a lot of room for more toys now! I've been meaning to pick up a cheap book shelf like this to display my Transformers for a while. Since I've moved most of my collection to the basement, I've noticed that there is a lot less dust buildup down there. When I had my display on the main floor or on the second floor, the dust build up really fast, toys out in the open would get covered in a thin layer of dust in a week or so. But in the basement, I've had several figures just sitting on the table for a month or so and they barely have any dust on them. So I figured I could save some money and try an open book shelf for display instead of getting only glass cabinets. Although the glass cabinets are nice looking and reduce the dust by a lot, they do not really have a lot of room for display, especially for bulky Transformers.

My main goal with the book shelf is to be able to display all the Transformers Animated Autobots together on one row and all the Decepticons together on another row. I end up getting pretty close, Wreckgar and Ironhide had to go to a separate shelf because they just don't have the room to fit in with the Autobots, they are "extra" characters anyways so I guess it's not too bad. I still have to open several Animated bots I have NIB to finish this display though. Overall, I am very happy with this display and I have opened up 7 slots in my glass cabinets where I will be opening and displaying some more Japanese figures!

I still have to play around with the dividers to separate each level equally though, but the ultra classes from the first two row is what's limiting equal spacing. It's a great shelf none the less and I am actually thinking of picking up a second one for my Marvel collection as well. I will have to wait and see how the dust buildup is on this open shelf first though before I buy anymore though.

Sooo look out for more reviews coming soon!!!


  1. Nice simple shelf that works well. : )

  2. You can use some clear plastic to do as a curtain. That will reduce more dust.

  3. Hmmm...that's actually not a bad idea...I will look into that, thanks!