Thursday, October 22, 2009

Transformers Animated: Soundwave

Another Decepticon to join the party! I added a coat of clear nail polish onto the knee joints of Soundwave since they were very loose and he kept toppling over. Now it's all good!


  1. You got it MISB for soundwave and the knee is loose?! Hm...

  2. Nail polish, eh? Hm, maybe I'll have to try that, mine has a really loose leg.

  3. @Leon: Ya, this doesn't occur often, but it does happen sometimes. The worst one for me was the movie Abomination figure, the joints were so loose that he could barely stand up. I haven't fixed him though because usually repainting them will fix the problem.

    @Mario: Ya nail polish works great, but I think it would be a better idea to apply it onto the cup part of the joint. I applied it onto the ball part and when I pop it back in the socket, it scrape off some, but that probably increased the friction in the joint also. You can also use paint, but I think nail polish dries faster.

  4. Hi Jcee,

    I used clear nail polish on the loose thigh joints of my TFTM Deluxe BB and it works! And it's true that on a hindsight, I agree that it could be better to apply the nail polish on the cup part of the joint :D