Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Play or Display?

After this weekend's toys opening and my various picture scenes, I have been thinking about this, do you play with your toys? I think this is an interesting topic for discussion. In my opinion, the term "Play" can include a large variety of activities; such as posing them and taking pictures, making comic strips, pose and display, transforming, even making gun sounds or acting out some dialogues, etc.

I am pretty sure most of us will at least fiddle around with a brand new toy upon opening them and most likely even pose them and take pictures to show off our new toy. But what do you do after this process?

Put the toy back in the box for storage or put them on display? For those that display them, how do you display them? Are the figures just standing in an upright pose or do each figure have their own unique pose or maybe even pose them in a battle scene?

After storage/display, do you take them out to re-pose them and in general just to fiddle around with them or do they stay in storage/display after the "New toy picture process"?

For those with Transformers, do you display them in vehicle form or robot form?

Lastly, do you have any toys on your desk right now to play with?

I'll go first.

My type of play only involves posing them and taking pictures, and transforming for transformers. I think my brain lacks the imagination I had when I was a kid to really get into playing with them. Sometimes I wish I could play with them like old days, but it just doesn't 'work' anymore.

I am pretty sure all my toys that have been opened are on display. The only ones that are in storage are the NIB one that will eventually get opened. Most (99%) of my displayed toys are in upright position due to the lack of room, but there are some exceptions, like my Dragon 1:6 figure is currently in a Kamen Rider Kuuga henshin pose LOL (will add picture later). Also my recently acquired Star Wars toys are posed in a battle configuration on my shelf at the moment. All my transformers are displayed only in their robot mode, mostly because they look cooler, but it also saves space.

After they go into display, I rarely take them out to play with again. Even if I do, it's most likely to take out a transformer and transform it once, then put it back on display. The only time that I would take them out of display and repose all of them is when I am cleaning the shelf/display case. But occasionally, 'old' characters do come back to my picture scenes.

And right now I have Tread Bolt on my desk. He's just sooo cool to transform.


If you would like to share your answers to these questions, write them in the comments section! I look forward to seeing your replies!


  1. My imagination also faded by the conditioning of "reality", However taking photo of them bring me of my imagination back.

    I like most of the transformer in vehicle mode so I display them as vehicle most of the time. Whenever I am bored, I will transform them. Some of toys are put to boxes due to space constraint and because of time, I hardly have the time to review as much toys as I want to...

    I am rather protective of my toys tho...

  2. For me, I definitely display them on shelf. I will pose them provided there are enough space for the figures. When time passes by, our figures will be in standing position as more toys will be displayed on the shelves. I normally keep transformers in robot mode to save space. For those figures that look nice in mint boxes, I just store it back to the box after photo taking.

  3. Mostly, I play around with my toys when I buy them, then they go on the shelves. Or really, on the ground somewhere until I make room for them on the shelves. For the most part, they are all standing around, and Transformers are in 'bot mode. Sometimes I'll take them off the shelves if I have an idea for a picture, or just to randomly fiddle with them or look at them.

    As for the desk question... Well, my desk has become another display area, mostly for my G.I. Joes. I have a laptop, and the desk is a little too high to comfortably type on the laptop, so I'm always on my bed when I use it. I'm planning to buy a new desktop, at which point, I'll have to figure out what to do with all the toys currently occupying that space.

  4. I mostly display my toys. One of the fun thing about toy collecting is to display them. I do get excited about displays cabinet! The only time I don't take the figures out of their packaging is when the packaging looks super awesome...like the 25th anniversary GI Joe!
    My transformers are in robot mode...not just to save space but it looks nice as robot mode.
    My office desk is where I display my playmobil...heeheh

  5. Thanks for the replies everyone! It's really interesting to hear what other collectors do with their display/toys. I am surprised to see that Leon likes to display the TF's in vehicle mode though, but to each his own! haha

  6. What to do Jcee. I am a car person although I have yet to get a car. Too ex in SG!!

  7. Do you collect car models too then?

  8. I have some car models but most are transformers. LOL 2 for 1 the price of one. More worth it. I have some initialD cars. :P