Sunday, October 11, 2009


Sure feels good to open some toys!

I have to say though, the articulation on these Star Wars toys are disappointing. Well, I knew ahead that they are not that good in the articulation department, but I thought they at least would have knee joints (the clones do though). They do make up for it with the details though, the paint on the Magnaguard is very nice. Even with the lack of articulation, I actually quite adore them. Messing around with the clones reminds me of something though, we haven't seen our friend Joshua over at The Stormtrooper Effect for a while, I miss reading his posts!

On a side note, I finally got a tackle box for parts storage. Now I will finally start opening those Revoltechs I have been collecting. I've been holding off on opening them because they include many accessories and I was scared of losing them without proper storage. Problem solved!


  1. Joshua should return to posting soon. Great idea for the storage box. Sure look handy. Where did you get it?

  2. It's just a tackle box for storing fishing supplies. Found one lying around the house so I took it! You can find these anywhere though, I've seen them at dollar stores too.

  3. handy box...
    thanks for adding me to ur bloglist.

  4. Yes Jcee you are right...wonder what is Josh busy with right now.