Monday, March 11, 2013

SHFiguarts Silver Crow

Picked this figure up from Amiami on my recent order. The character is Silver Crow from the anime Accel World. The anime take place in the future and basically revolves around a bunch of high school kids and a virtual reality game called Brain Burst. Silver Crow is just the manifestation of the main character, Haruyuki Arita, in this VR world. In this VR world, avatars fight against each other to earn burst points which allows them to perform impossible feats because time slows down to a crawl when they use this function ("to accelerate"). Silver Crow was also the first avatar in the game to have wings which gave him a huge advantage in battle. It's a pretty cool anime and it's only 12 episodes or so, check it out if it sounds interesting to you!

Anyways, picked this figure up since he was on sale for really cheap (I think around $15). The quality is like the typical Figuarts, almost perfect. There is a minor paint rub on his chest, which is not a big deal. There is a figma version of this figure too, but I prefer the Figuarts version since this one has the ab-crunch that is missing from the figma version. He comes with several effect parts for his punches. Another plus is his feet are diecast which is a feature that I loved with Figuarts but was absent in most of the Kamen Rider OOO line.

[Accel World] SHFiguarts Silver Crow

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