Friday, March 29, 2013

MMPR Legacy Dino Megazord

I received this awesome toy from yesterday. When I first saw this from the Toy Fair pictures, I was super excited since I've had the original but lost it when we immigrated to Canada and the current prices for it is too much for me to get again. So in comes this Legacy Dino Megazord  from Bandai for the 20th Anniversary of Power Rangers. Along with this Megazord, Bandai also have a slew of MMPR merchandise coming out.

When the first reviews showed up online for this toy, I was a bit disappointed because I thought there would be more diecast pieces (Yes, I am spoiled by import toys). Also once these started appearing here in Canada, I went to hunt for it one day and came back empty-handed. I asked the employees at Toysrus and they told me each store was only receiving one box of each (4 zords per box), so the likelihood of me grabbing one went even slimmer. Hence I pretty much gave up on the idea of getting one, that is until one night I was on the local forums and someone posted that the Toysrus website had them in stock for preorder. Together with excitement and impulsiveness, I got one.

Today is Good Friday here in Canada and we have the day off so I had time to open this toy and mess around with it. I have to say, this is really not as bad as I thought! Sure, the choice of diecast pieces is questionable, but all in all they add weight to the toy which makes handling it just...better! (don't ask me why, diecast just makes everything awesome-er!). The zord comes with a sticker sheet that you have to apply yourself, I enjoyed this process tremendously for some reason. The stickers were thin and needed delicate steadiness to apply on straight, but they look great once done properly. I wish all the stickers on this zord is self-applied since some of the factory stuff is pretty slanted and I risk damaging the sticker if I try to remove and reapply it.

Disassembling the bot mode into the five dinosaur bots brought a rush of nostalgia as I remember playing with the original one when I was a kid. From what I remember, the mechanism of combining is very close to the original. My favourite part is hiding the tyrannosaurus rex's head in his chest and moving the horns up to form the Megazord's head.

This is an excellent toy and I highly recommend anyone that's on the fence about it to pick one up! Ignore those elitist that boasts the original one is better and this one sucks (although if anyone is willing to sell me their complete original one for $60, I'll take it!). This is a different toy of the same character. I would grab one whether I have the original one or not. It's totally worth the $60. Now let's hope Bandai would give us a Dragonzord (yes, diecast please) that can combine with this one!

MMPR Dino Megazord

MMPR Dino Megazord

MMPR Dino Megazord

Best one for last!
MMPR Dino Megazord


  1. Our store actually had 2 of these and I was surprised to have actually to have seen this out.

    1. Wow you actually saw them at retail! I drove around 3 TRU's on the day that I start hearing about sightings, but never seen them. In fact, I've never seen any of the 20th anniversary merch at retail yet!