Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gundam Wing Trio

I am a huge fan of the Gundam Wing series mainly because it was the first Gundam show I've ever watched. I watched this on YTV when I was a kid, it was the show that I stayed up on Friday nights to watch since it aired at 11pm. That's pretty late for an 11 year old me back then, sometimes I would even fall asleep during the episode because it was talking about some boring political issues in the anime since I only watched it for the Gundam fights, now those were cool!

I remember Bandai made figures for the show when it aired in North America back in the days. I think I only had a Deathscythe one, it was a pretty decent figure for its time. Several of my friends had the other cast like Wing Gundam, Heavyarms, Shenlong (no one liked Sandrock since he only had blades as weapons) and we would play battle using my friend's pool table as the battlefield. Ahhh...the good old times when our imaginations had no limits, it still amazes me how long we can play them for haha!

When Robot Damashii started doing the Gundam Wing figures, I was excited. I want to collect them all since they bring back loads of memories for me. However, they decided to make one of the main suits, Wing Gundam, as an exclusive and I refuse to pay $100 for a figure this size so to this day I still do not have that one. I've been getting all the other releases in this series, some I have yet to open. I finally opened the Sandrock and Altron figures today and they are sooo much fun to play with. I rarely play with my figures for long. I usually open them, mess around with it for 15 minutes or so, take some pictures, and in they go in the display. But these two figures, I must have played with them for at least an hour. They come with tons of fun accessories to mess with. I don't know what it is about them...maybe it's the nostalgia they bring back, but playing around with them just brings a rush of emotions in my head...good emotions...something absent in the everyday working lives of being an "adult"...

You gotta admit, this looks pretty damn cool!
Gundam Wing Trio

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