Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chogokin - Fate/Zero: Saber

I know...I've been lazy and haven't blog about toys for a while...but let's get back to them since I have a mountain of them waiting to be opened and photographed!

I just received a package from Amiami. To be honest, I sort of forgot about it since I used SAL shipping which takes quite some time. After unboxing my haul, I had the urge to get back to taking pictures of my toys again, so here's one to start off with.

This is Saber from the Fate/Zero anime, the figure is from the Chogokin line. I have been interested in this character since the start of my toy collecting several years ago. Her aesthetics are just so attractive: cute girl in a badass suit of armor, what's not to like? When I first started collecting, I got the Revoltech versions of them and thought those were really cool. Then I found out about figma, but wasn't able to get them through my local store. By the time I discovered Amiami, the figma Saber was discontinued and long gone. I think it did get re-issued once recently, but I passed on it since I had other toys to get on my list. That is until I saw the announcement of this beauty from the Chogokin line. I am a big fan of diecast parts on figures, it just makes it feel so hefty and nice to handle. So I preordered this figure the moment I saw it come up on Amiami.

Several months past and I now have the figure in my hands. I admit that I did not look at the dimensions on the product page when I preordered this since I thought figures from the Chogokin line are usually bigger in scale (thought it was around 8" ~ Play Arts Kai range). So I was surprised to see it is actually figma-size, not that it's a bad thing since the majority of my figures are in this scale so it makes them compatible with each other.

After playing around and messing with this figure, I have concluded that this is THE Saber figure to get. It is much better than the Revoltech figures (those were a pain in the ass to pose with). Aesthetically, I think it is very similar to the figma offering. But this one comes with several diecast pieces that makes it stand out from the rest. Her legs and boots are all diecast, this is a welcomed addition as it makes the figure really easy to pose because of the extra weight on the bottom. Also her skirt armor pieces and chest armor are also diecast. I believe the armor pieces on the arms are NOT diecast, it would have been nice if it was, but it's a minor downer.

If you are a fan of Saber and do not have the figma version, I recommend picking this one up. But if you have the figma one already, then I'd pass on this since they look very alike. The Revoltech can go back in the box and be stashed away now LOL

Chogokin - Fate/Zero: Saber