Thursday, January 12, 2012

Several TF additions...

Well, only one of them is a true addition as I got the other two already. I found a cheap loose Cybertron Optimus Prime which was missing quite a lot of pieces, mainly from the trailer. But since I have the one I recently got displayed in his Sonic Wing Mode, I had the original trailer backpack sitting around, so I grabbed this loose Prime to have him displayed in the original Super Robot mode.

This one is also the black/red one compared to my original blue/red one.

Since the seller was from Edmonton, there was the shipping cost on top of that, so I grabbed several more figures from him to offset the shipping a bit.

FINALLY picked up the Transformers Animated Oil Slick. I never even laid an eye on him ever since the beginning of the TFA line. But now that I got him, I wondered why I waited so long, he is actually a pretty cool figure. Here's him joining the ranks of my TFA Decepticons.


I also picked up a loose TFA Blackarachnia (also missing several pieces). I've been wanting to customize a TFA Blackarachnia for a Beast Wars stand-in. I am still not exactly sure how I want to approach this. Either a straight repaint or add some sculpting, but to make it more show accurate hence changing the sculpt, I doubt I will be able to make it transformable after. Hmmm...I still have to think about this one.


  1. i don't think i'd be able to tell if parts were missing off these things! LOL! But seriously, I dig the green grouping to the left in the bottom pic-

  2. And the collection continues to grow. : )

  3. @Super: Haha I try to hide their imperfections, the only one visible in that picture is that he's missing his ear flaps. I didn't even notice the green grouping in my display lol, they look pretty good haha!

    @jboypacman: Haha the collection keeps growing and the space keeps decreasing!