Monday, January 2, 2012

Transformers Collection Update

Just wanted to show some pics of my new additions and setup for my Transformers collection.

Classics Autobots

I know the Optimus is from Galaxy Force and is not from the same series, but I just felt he would look awesome with the rest of the classics line. I do have a Classics Prime to put in here, but then I wouldn't have a place for the Galaxy Convoy Prime.

Classics Decepticons

Right underneath my Classics Autobots are my Classics Decepticons. As you can see here, they are still looking for recruits, although I am not really sure who I want to add here. Also I just don't have a definitive Megatron for my Classics collection that I like, I think the Revoltech Megs looks pretty good here though. I am surprised how nicely the WFC Soundwave fits with the Classics collection as well. You can also see the KOLD Nemesis Prime which I just received last week on the far right.


Here is where the ones that don't belong to any specific shelf or because I don't have enough room for them on the specific shelves go. Starting on the left is the KOLD Crystal Prime I got last week with my Nemesis Prime. This seems more of a Prime shelf (+ BB and Rodimus)

Transformers Prime

I've reserved this shelf for the Transformers Prime line. I hope we will get enough characters to fill this shelf up (and more!). Right now Starscream is feeling very lonely. Hope we get some Decepticons and Rachet soon! I actually haven't even really watched Prime yet, only watched several episodes from it. I am waiting for the Season 1 DVD to come out in March before I watch it. Currently I am busy watching the G1 boxset I just got.

That's it for the update! I can't wait to see what TF's are coming out this year! I know the Prime Vehicons should be coming out soon. I hope they are continuing the Classics line though. With the Dark of the Moon line ending, I hope Hasbro concentrates on the Prime series and give us a full toy line at least as good as the Animated line was!


  1. Good to see more of your transformer collection..s

  2. stumbled upon your blog by accident and found myself so enthralled :) my husband is spinning with jealousy for your collections

  3. @Danielle: Cool! Thanks for stopping by!