Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Guess what happened to my NECA Predator figure?

Broken leg on the NECA Elder Predator figure I just opened! Why is this not a surprise (see here and here)?


Well, I bought these while knowing these existing problems with these figures, but I just wanted an Elder Predator sooo bad! I hope they end up doing him again with the improved articulation (and hopefully better QC as well).

Oh well, looks like my next project is fashioning an ol' wooden leg for him...ya who needs legs...he looks boring with legs...LOL


  1. Yikes, that sucks that he's broken already. A peg leg could be cool. A pirate!

  2. sign...this are not action figure. period. Just statue.

  3. Ya it does sorta suck, but the articulation on these things suck anyways, so the broken joint is not THAT big of a loss considering it's only a single knee joint. These NECA series 1-3 can't really do any dynamic poses. Now I'd be pissed if this happen in the newer figures with the improved articulation.