Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Singapore - Part 1

Hmm...I only just noticed that I haven't post up any pics from my vacation back in October! Here's a few from Singapore, I wish we could have stayed there longer because it was such a beautiful place! I would like to go back someday and really explore the place! Maybe some fellow bloggers in Singapore can give some suggestions on where to visit so I can plan my next vacation? Haha!

We spent an hour or two here, it was a very nice place! Am I correct in thinking this is Singapore's Chinatown?

There was this beautiful temple there too. The interior was amazing!

The street beside the temple where various small items were being sold.

The view from this corner coffee store where we spent the rest of our time in Singapore lol! This view actually reminds me of downtown Toronto here! Perfect place to spend in a summer afternoon...mmm

Enjoying a cold ice coffee in the hot weather...I don't know if it's just me, but it's the first time I've seen these cup carrying bags, such a good idea...why didn't I think of that...


  1. Bro, you were actually very very near to China Square Central where most of the toy shops are located there. My workplace is nearby as well :)

  2. Omg!!!!! I wish I knew that when I was there haha, would very much love to check out the toy shops in Singapore after seeing all the pics from you guys! Next time, next time for sure!

  3. Why you were in town and you never give me a buzz bro?!

  4. Yup you were that close!
    When you are in Singapore the next time round, do drop us an email and we can bring you around!

  5. I went to Singapore with a tour, so I didn't have any freedom to go wherever I want. But next time I go to Singapore, I will definitely drop you guys a line before visiting!