Saturday, January 29, 2011

Marvel Select - Thing

I love this figure! I love the sculpt, although the hands and arms do seem a bit oversized. It would be perfect if it was just a bit smaller, but I am just nitpicking here. Articulation wise, there's not much of it as expected from a Marvel Select figure, especially one of their bulkier ones. I mostly display my figures just simply in a straight standing position, so that's not too big of a problem for me. I've always thought of Marvel Select figures as slightly articulation statues anyways. The only time I do require the use of their articulation is when I take pictures of them. He is one heavy figure though, which makes it felt I got my money worth of plastic haha!


The rocky texture details on the Thing is really well done. The paint around the eyes were not fully painted, but this can only be seen if you look closely. Still I might try to fix this myself if I can get the right shade of orange. The paint on the figure overall is not bad, but it looks like it was just a dry-brushing of orange over some darker highlights, so that's hard to screw up.

Here's a size comparison with the Spider-bot which is about 6" in height similar to any Marvel Legends figures.

The accessory that it came with is pretty weak, it's basically this piece of plastic which acts as a display stand for a piece of cardboard with illustrations of the other three members in the team and some random traffic scene on the back (EDIT: the scene is actually Yancy Street as noted by chunky B, please excuse my ignorance on Marvel history). They really cheap out here, at least the Hulk (who is actually a larger figure) came with a smashed ground display. It was disappointing since the preview pictures showed him standing on some type of hover board display, which unfortunately did not make it into the final product.


  1. Random traffic scene? Come on, it's Yancy Street!

    This figure does have some heft to it, I picked it up n a comic shop, well picked up the toy to look at it, not buy it. Though seeing it out of the package I might have to pick one up. What self respecting Thing fan could pass on one.

  2. Haha thanks chunky B, wouldn't have known it had anything to do with the Thing if you didn't tell me. I don't have any knowledge of Marvel history whatsoever so please excuse me for my ignorance.

    And I really recommend picking him up if you like the Thing. I really like how he looks with the rest of the team in 6" scale, now I just need to find and get the rest of them haha!

  3. This is a sweet looking Thing i love the sculpt of his face.

  4. Jcee I was just kidding around with you, not calling you out. It does look like a random street scene, LOL.

  5. LOL really, I sincerely thought you really knew it was Yancy Street lol! You never know, it might really be what the artist was intending haha! No worries, I am not offended, just trying to give credit where credit is due haha