Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Haul

Luckily I was able to grab the headphones on the last day of the boxing week sale, I've wanted to get these ever since I saw them on sale, but they were never in stock. I thought they would probably restock the day before the end of the sale and I was right haha! They are the Sony XB-500's, they have amazing bass and are ohhh soooo comfortable with their big ear cushions. That was one thing I didn't like about the Audio Technica WS70 I bought back in HK, those things have some major clamping force, even after I loosen them up by spreading them on several books. I like the AT's better for vocals and the bass is really nice on those too. The XB500's have a lot of bass, although not as "tight" as the bass on the WS70, but still fun to listen to. A little bit easier to drive on my little Sansa Clip+ too. I just bought them for the comfort and all the good things I've read about the bass on these guys and I am not disappointed at all, especially for the price!

Other than the headphones, I grabbed 2 hotwheels. One is a Lambo Gallardo with a spoiler and the other is a cool looking Batmobile. I like this type of packaging more too, saves some space for displaying.



  1. I was comparing this new one with the flat black one I have from the 2010 line and noticed some differences. The cool thing on this one is that the rear engine cover was made to look like carbon fiber or something, looks pretty cool! But the disappointing thing is the rear doesn't have the Lamborghini name anymore! The rims on this one is nicer too though.

    I still have to find a Reventon though! Have only seen them in 5-packs, never alone for some reason.