Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pics: ZH Racing Z201 RC Bike

Put together the stand for the ZH Racing Z201 bike today and snapped some more shots of the bike. If anyone is interested in the review of the stand, check it out over at The bike is really just a work of art and is now a really special piece in the collection.

Working dual front disc brakes

Close-up of single rear disc brakes


  1. bro I really like the setting of how you do such lighting to take photo. I am trying mine but to no avail... can give me some hints?

  2. Thanks Leon! I actually use a pretty basic setup. I build a light box using 5 pieces of foam-core white cardboards. Size-wise, you can make it suitable for your needs. The one I use here is pretty big because I made it for RC use. For lighting, I use a $10 lamp with a white color bulb. It has a clamp where I attach it to the top of the box. I usually bounce the light from the top or side of the box. Then pictures are taken on a tripod or handheld. I prefer handheld though because it's more versatile and not limited by the tripod movement. Then I use the manual setting on my camera and play around with the shutter speed and aperture. I usually snap a ton of pics with different exposures and select afterwards. For example, in this set, I probably have about 5-6 shots for each pic. Also make sure to set a custom white balance for your background (with lighting on) or else you will get the orange-ish-hue. Actually I forgot to change the WB settings for this set too, so the white might look a bit off too (bit yellowish). I realize you can get away by using the built-in flash on some stuff too (mostly non-reflective surfaces), so experiment and see if you like the results.