Monday, February 15, 2010

Papercraft Owl

We visited my aunt yesterday for Chinese New Years greetings and while we were all chatting, we brought up that she has been into making papercraft models lately. She showed us some of her work and I was amazed at them. I've seen plenty of these types of papercraft models for sale at the malls, but I never went up close to see how they were made. With the model in my hand, I then realize the complexity of it. The models are composed of tiny triangles with pockets on them to fit over other triangles. Each triangle takes about a minute to make and is done by repeatedly half-sectioning an A4 sheet of paper until a certain size to make it. However, the building process is the lengthiest. This owl here took about a day of on and off work to complete. She had other models such as an adorable Doraemon and other Japanese characters as well.


  1. Look Cute! If you change that to Grey, you can get my neighbor Totoro! Try it!

  2. that is so amazing!

  3. used many cans of soda, my little brother made a similar owl, he said this one in the post and he told me "this is pretty but mine one is better!"excellent post