Saturday, February 27, 2010

Review: 3.75" Iron Man 2 - Classic Armor Iron Man

Just got this guy today, I've been waiting for a long time for the release of these figures. I also saw the Stealth version, the Original armor, and the Mark 3. I want the Mark 3 too, but the paint apps were really bad on all of them. Hope I can find one later that has nicer paint. I'd thought I should buy one first to see how I like them before getting more, and I am impressed!

The quality of the figure is really nice. It is much better value than the Marvel Universe line! The laser thingy that attaches to his hand fits much better and looks much cooler than what came with the MU one. It also comes with a "blast off" stand, as well as another stand that came with 3 cards (1 white, 2 transparent) that slots into the back of the display, making it look sort of like a hologram.

The articulation is much better than the MU line, I just love the ball-joint hips! It would be nice if the wrists had articulation too, but that's just me being picky. One thing I noticed with the stands is that the pegs on them are a bit loose fitting for the holes on the bottom of the feet. The ones that comes with GIJoe ROC figures fit much better (tigher, better holding). It's not a big problem though, it can still hold up very nice poses. Oh ya, did I mention it also has double-jointed knees? Awesome!

I have the same classic armor IM from the MU line and I think the sculpt on this one is much cooler. He is wider and more muscular than the one from MU (MU one is really skinny). Colors are similar if not the same.

Overall, I absolutely love this figure! When I bought the Iron Mans from the MU line, I got them on impulse and after opening the first one, I didn't want to open the second one because I thought the articulation wasn't that good. The only thing I like better on the MU line is the boxart, it makes me want to keep them NIB because they look good in box, but not much fun out of them. The packaging on these new figures are all the same so I had no hesitation to rip the box apart once I got home. I thought for the same price ($9.92), these figures are much more worth it; in terms of articulation, playability, and accessories. I had always thought the MU were overpriced for what you get, but these are great, totally worth it!


  1. This original Iron man do look great. Can the bio card be play as game or something?

  2. I think it is for putting together pieces from other armor and see how it would look like, so in a way, it's sort of a game lol

  3. nice one...
    love the classic version of every superheroes.


  4. Thanks Asrul! I can't wait to pick up more from this lineup!

  5. Looks awesome, I have a huge toy collection still in the original packing, I'm waiting for them to worth more.