Sunday, December 6, 2009

Toy Story: Buzz Lightyear & Alien

Short review:
Upon opening Buzz Lightyear, right away I noticed the poor paint apps on his legs. I only paid attention to his head and body paint apps in store, I didn't think they would screw up with just one color on the legs, well they did. The white is not smooth, but bumpy and rough, looks like someone touched the paint before it dried. Articulation was quite poor too, only hips, knees, shoulders, and elbows. I was expecting at least the helmet visor to be able to slide down, but nope. I was quite surprised at the poor quality and then took another look at the box..."Mattel" wonder!

Now onto the Alien, there's really not much to say about him. The only articulation are his shoulders, his antenna is flexible if that counts lol. Paint apps wise, this one was the best one that I could find, but there's a X scratch in the middle eye. He comes with a stand that resembles the claw game base like in the movie. It is suppose to launch him when you push down on the mechanism. It does "pop" him up...about 1cm high, much less than what the box is showing LOL

Overall, Buzz and Alien are okay if you are just going to display them, but they doesn't have much play value. They look great if you are not up close and messing with them so that's good. They are definitely not worth the $13 original price, I am glad I got a deal on this pair though. But for the purpose of just having a figure of the characters in one of my favourite movies, it'll do just fine.


  1. Nice! I was thinking to get the Buzz and woody with rocket set but it still too pricey for me. I will wait.

  2. Ya I saw the Rocket Buzz+Woody+RC set yesterday and it looks so awesome! Just like that scene in the movie! There are tons of toys from this line that I want, but I just can't afford them all. They don't seem to be moving at all, so maybe they will go on clearance lol