Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ROC Rex "The Doctor" Lewis

I've been wanting this Rex figure forever and this wave have finally hit the TRU's here. I've been seeing nothing but Destro's, Neo-vipers, and Baronesses (not the Paris Pursuit one which I want) everywhere. There must be at least 50 of them in each store. There is a 30% off sale this week on GIJoe figures, making them only $7 a piece. I was probably too late to the sale, so the pegs were quite empty already (sale started last Friday and I went this Tuesday). But I did manage to find Rex just lying there under the pegs lol! He was the only "newer" figure on all the pegs. There was a Paris Pursuit Baroness, but the packaging was cut open and some weapons were stolen! I don't believe someone would actually do that and also that the store would continue to sell that, it's just ridiculous! I was also hoping to find a City Strike Snake eyes and several other figures, but there was nothing left but peg warmers.

So here's Rex, he comes with a suitcase filled with three nanomites cartridges, some type of machine gun, and the gun he uses to inject nanomites into his victims. He also has his claws which is just loosely fitted over his hands, but they look really cool! His hair and his breathing mask are removable, and he has his burnt up face underneath which is pretty cool as well. I read that Rex was pretty hard to find when it was released in the US, so I am glad I was able to get one so quick here since this wave just arrived probably last week or so. Apparently, there is also a white coat variant, but the black coat one works fine for me.


  1. I also couldn't believe someone stole the Paris Pursuit Baroness weapons...unless her weapons are special....i don't think so right?

  2. I don't think so because they only took the huge weapon that the figures come with, I am not sure what is special about that weapon though. I find most of them to be useless, except the one that comes with Rex might come in handy.