Sunday, December 6, 2009

Today's haul

Apparently, the urge was not lost, it was just suppressed (albeit not for very long)

Just want the Hummer because it looks like it's 3.75" size, Hulk doesn't look too articulated so I'll probably use him to try some painting on.


  1. Bro, can do a review on the incredible hulk set if you are free??

  2. nice toys...
    always love Toy's Story.
    Can't for the 3rd to comes cout.

  3. @desmond: No problem! But you will have to wait until at least the 18th since I have exams these two weeks.

    @Asrul: Yaaaa! I love Toy Story too! These figures are not too good in terms of play value.I just want a small collection of the toys in the movie and these are much cheaper and space-friendly than the movie-scale replicas! Hope I can find a few more characters too.

  4. nice haul on the TOY STORY STUFF JCEE!

    just to ask, this Toy story figures are for Toy Story 3 right? i haven't seen any in singapore yet but i do assume it'd be arriving soon. have yet to check my department stores!

    hell if there's a life sized one i'm gonna get my hands on em'. (IF ITS TOYSTORY 3) would hate if it were some backlot stuff..

  5. For the life-size toys, they are an all new design using something...from the movie...I'll just post up the vid in a moment LOL