Sunday, November 8, 2009

Two more from today.


  1. there's no end to star wars toys rite?

    they're nice, dude. eventho i'm not a fan of 6" inch toys, but maybe i should buy more 6" toys next year.

    much more cheaper than 12". they're milking me dry

  2. Asrul, these are even smaller at 3.75" haha. I think 6" figures are starting to fade and the trend is moving towards 3.75" now.

  3. JCee is not the trend, we have no choice as the toy maker decide to go for 3.75" to cut cost but charge consumer more than usual pricing. Do we have a choice?

    Anyway i have yet to get my darth maul. LOL

  4. Well, Star Wars and GI Joes have always been in 3.75", the only real "move" is the Marvel line. But I never pay regular pricing for these 3.75" figures (okay except for the 3 MU Ironmans that I have bought on impulse), IMO they are just not worth the $10 for this size considering an awesome figure like the Marvel Select Hulk is only $20. The Star Wars figs are on sale for $6 right now that's why I jumped on it haha.

    To be honest though, I am loving the 3.75" standard now because I can have their worlds collide LOL (-KR Decade)