Friday, November 6, 2009

Got these what a tiring week! I am going to sleep now!


  1. So for the Canadian packaging, they just use Darth Vader for all the saga legends card art? Interesting. Are they still selling Indiana Jones toys up there?

  2. You got the indy jeep for offer?

  3. @Mario: I think it sucks that we have Canadian packaging! But the recent wave of Clone Wars that have shown up here are in US packaging! I haven't seen them yet, but there have been sightings of them. As for Indiana Jones stuff, Walmarts cleared out their stuff a while ago. But I found this jeep at TRU for...dadada....$5!!! So I had to buy it. The box is a bit beat up, but contents were unharmed. I also saw some IJ figures and Muggs on clearance for $5. Come to think of it, TRU is having some massive sale right now, a lot of stuff are on sale (buy one get one half off, whatever happened to BOGO?!?) and several older toy lines clearing out at $5. Maybe I will go check them out again this weekend haha

    @LEon: I got it at TRU for $5 haha