Sunday, November 15, 2009

New track layout

Our basement track was taken apart several weeks ago since we needed some duct vacuuming done. Today, since my midterms are over, my dad and I went down to rebuild it. I had an idea to change it a bit so it's not symmetrical like the old layout, just a slight change. I like it much better now. I still gotta find something to guard the ends of the straightaways on the turns, I've had my cars fly right off the track so many times today, good nothing broke.

Old layout

New layout


  1. Look good. Is there a reason why you put some part on a higher level? Can share a video of the racing on the track?

  2. @Leon: I will make some videos later this week. The leveling is mainly so we can fit in more track in the confined area because the "hanging" straightaway actually overlaps the track beneath it. This way, we can put tracks on the same area of the floor (different levels) as opposed to if the whole track was on the ground (one level). If you search "track" on my blog, you can probably see the first track which took up the whole basement and is in some irregular shape. Right now the area of the track is rectangular and also allows for more pitting space on the far right side of the track.

    And in addition to the space saving, it adds another dimension to the racing because of the speed differences going up and down the ramps.

  3. Ya the track looks good with different turning angles and height :)

  4. Your set up rocks, man. Still remember having to hit local shopping centres which had such tracks laid out to let my tamiya cars run wild.