Saturday, November 7, 2009

Today's haul

Went to Walmart to get some vitamins and since I was there already, might as well check out the toys isle. I was surprised to see a GIJoe Ice Dagger on the top shelf(good I am tall enough to reach it) and behind it there was a Dragonhawk! I've wanted this vehicle ever since I saw it, but then it got backlogged from my mind since toy releases are really slow here and this is actually the first time I saw it here. I remember how cool it was after seeing it again on Dan's Toy Museum. There was only one of each Ice Dagger and Dragonhawk, so I am glad I was able to get it before it's gone.

After a left and got to the car, I remember that I had to get some silicone for my project at school. So I went back in, and on the way out I saw some Hotwheels and picked up a few. I don't really collect HW, but I will mostly pick up any that I fancy.

GTR, F430, Beetle


  1. Rise of Cobra Vehicles at that size have been super exceptional!

  2. @Dan: Yes, I totally agree. If they were a bit cheaper, I would pick up the other Bravo vehicles as well!