Monday, August 31, 2009

G.I.Joe ROC Haul + a little BB

Picked up the regular and the Paris Pursuit versions of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow from the ROC line recently. They are currently displayed under the figure shelf in my room along with the MU Ironmans. Not sure if I will open them as I don't have any more room in the glass display cabinets. Will have to wait until I get some new units, if ever. But I really like the look of them in package, love the layout and the artwork. Being in Canada, a lot of our toys come in generic packaging which has only one or two character artwork (not the one in package) on the whole line of toys. MU and ROC are an exception to this so I really like them MOC. Plus, they are small and don't take up a lot of room!

There are still some more from the ROC series that I want, especially the City Strike SE!!! But that will take a while to arrive here.

Also open ROTF Bumblebee recently. I really like this toy, not sure why I didn't get him from the first movie, although I am not sure if they are the same mold or not. The vehicle mode fits together perfectly and the robot mode is very accurate. Transformation from robot to car is fairly challenging which is why I like this even more! It's really cool to see that the robot can transform and cram into this small car lol


  1. Jcee, great score for Deluxe BB!! Have you buy the Human Alliance series? As they are quite popular in Singapore..

  2. Hi desmond, no I haven't got HA BB yet as it's quite expensive at the moment ($50). I am not sure if it is worth to get another BB though. I know you have one, and I was wondering if GI Joe figures will fit inside instead of Sam?

  3. I really love the MU card art....if were to collect them I would not take them out of packaging!

  4. Hi Jcee,

    The G.I.Joe movie toys are quite popular among some collectors in Singapore now. The movie is quite enjoyable too :)

    ROTF Bumblebee is a little tricky to get into car mode because of his non-detachable arm cannon, unless the one you have has detachable arm cannon. Some of these ROTF BBs have non-detachable arm cannons while others have detachable ones :P

    Btw, 3.75-inch figures can't fit into HA BB. Sam is only about 2-inches tall, LOL!

  5. @LPM: Ya, after openning the first Ironman, I don't think I will open anymore. Their articulation is not the best and I'd rather have them display in the package.

    @Juliana: Never knew about the detachable arm cannon issue. Mine is quite loose and automatically detaches upon transformation LOL

    That's too bad about the HA BB figure size, maybe I'll get it if it ever goes on clearance haha

  6. A very weird combination of BB and G.I.JOE :P

  7. Haha I've always found crossovers really interesting. An example would be Marvel vs. Capcom lol