Saturday, August 15, 2009

Workshop & Track Update

Finally finished putting together the track tonight. The ramp on the left side is just a temporary setup since I ran out of materials. The incline is not as smooth as the setup on the right. Will fix that next week though.

With the new bridge/layout of the track, the pit area is much bigger and isn't as cramped as it used to be. The tradeoff is that the track is a bit smaller. I've ran my cars on the track for a while already and I think it is great! Much better than before even with the reduced size. Before this change, the drivers would have to find their own spot around the track to drive from since the track took over a lot of space. Now the drivers can all stand infront of the track to drive.

Click to enlarge pictures

Picture from driver area

Storage of cars, controllers, batteries, chargers, parts, and tools; also has a radio for some music

A look at the pit area, which currently only has one table. Maybe I will add another one in the future if needed. Additional chairs are stored under the track. I am actually planning on adding/building an airbrushing/painting booth here in the corner.

View of the track from pit area. Open space infront of the track is for the drivers. Enough space for around 7-8 people there.

Test footage

My dad driving MR02 chassis Ferrari FXX

Me driving F1 Honda Jordan

Track is officially re-open now! Pics of future gatherings will be posted here.


  1. That is PURE AWESOMENESS!!! That is a dream playground for many RC fans!!!

  2. Haha thanks Leon! I like hanging out in the shop too because it's very cold down there, nice escape from the hot humid weather outside! With humidity, we are experiencing 35-40 degress Celsius right now. Might not be much compared to some other places, but I love the cold much more!

  3. Very nice layout! Looks like a very enjoyable hobby.

  4. Wow!! It seems like your dad's controlling skill is more steady than you..Haha!!