Saturday, August 8, 2009

Long awaited haul

Finally went to the hobby shop to pick up my brand new Tamiya Buggy Champ!!! Oh man I've been extremely excited about this release and now it's finally in my hands! I ordered this sometime in March when I heard of the rerelease. I posted something about this release a while back too.

Okay, currently I am too overjoyed to say anything else, so onto the pics! The box is pretty big so it couldn't really fit in my lightbox. As with always, click to enlarge the pics.

This release is the celebrate the 30th anniversary of this buggy, originally made in 1979. It's even older than me! More details can be found on the TamiyaUSA website.

Very nice blister packaging for the shiny metal components. The blisters are a bit damage from the shipping.

Diecast gearbox

And tons of die cast and alloy parts

Stay tuned for the build coming this week!