Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Ultimate accessory for your 1:6 figure?

It has been a while since I have been this excited for an upcoming release in the RC world. Being a big fan of solid axles and scale trucks, this release from RC4WD is really something to be excited about! I'll cut short and just get to the pics.

Pics from RC4WD (Click to enlarge)
1/5 scale solid axles

CAD drawing of the smaller axles (black color in first picture), dimensions in mm

Quote from RC4WD on Scale4x4
"We will continue working on the 2 speed t-case, chassis, tranny, 4 links mounts. We hope to have a complete kit by March or April. Both electric and gasoline version."

I can't wait to see the complete kit! However, judging from the prices of previous scale truck kits from RC4WD, I estimate the price for one of these in kit form will be in the area of 1.5k. To get it up and running, we are probably looking at 2k. Yikes!

So for those who wants a ride for their 1:6 figures and can dish it out...keep checking for updates from RC4WD!

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