Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Dark Lord of the Sith...

Always wanted a vader figure, but could never find it. Luckily I found this set today at a price cheaper than the figure alone! Comes with a coin album with some nice art on it too.

Here is what's included in the set. Figure, album, catalog.

Let's take a look at the figure. I think it is just the exact same figure as the standalone figure. It includes a collector coin with Darth Vader imprinted on it.

Now the main part of the set, the album. The album contain slots for collecting the coins that comes with the Star Wars 30th Anniversary figures. Album art is really nice, the artwork pertains to their respective movie.

Love this last one.


  1. Groovy!

    I've actually decided to limit my Star Wars collection to Vader themed stuff recently. A few Stormtroopers too. Oh, and maybe a ship or two. And some classic stuff.


  2. Yup! There's definitely too much Star Wars merchandise to collect them all. I think this is actually my first Star Wars figure. Still looking for some stormtroopers too and a Darth Maul.

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  4. I can't believe this is your 1st star wars figure. I had some Darth vader with me.

    They made too much Darth vader already. One can easily build a Darth vader army than a clone army.

    Darth maul I am on the look out too. Still have not find a decent ones (Sale item i mean)

    Sorry for the double post. :P

  5. Although there are a lot of SW figures available here, most of them are the not-so-popular characters. The only time I see Darth Vader is in the 2-pack set with the comic. I haven't even seen a standalone Stormtrooper yet! I got to get couple of those myself. But hunting for them is part of the fun!