Friday, January 23, 2009

Marvel Universe - Fury Files - Iron Man review

I decided to open this figure today. I originally kept it NIB because I found that the mold on the face of this particular one was not very good (as you will see in the pictures). But I haven't seen any more of these figures after I got mine last week. These figures are not even suppose to be available here until a month later, so I couldn't wait that long. I figured I will just open this one and get a nicer one to keep NIB when they are widely available.

First off, the two mandatory front and back package shots. The boxart on this new Fury Files line is very attractive. The character art has a nice vintage comic look to it. The back of the package shows several other figures from the current line. So far, I've seen the Punisher and Spiderman. Punisher's head looked really big and unproportional to his body making him look really weird. Spiderman was alright, but I am not a fan of the lighter blue + red color scheme. I like the dark blue and red scheme more.

Ok, so inside the package, you get the figure itself, the translucent yellow beam ray, and a small plastic package that includes the following spec sheet and a "Top Secret" envelope.
(Click pictures to enlarge)

Instead the Top Secret envelope...

Included is a Top Secret file from Tony Stark! And a collector card with Iron Man's identification and artwork. The French/Spanish versions are included as well, but the collector card does not have the Iron Man artwork, instead each language version of the identification is on each side of the card. Same with the letter file.

Ok, finally we can get to the figure. First thing I noticed was the high level of detail on a figure of this size. The colors are really good too, metallic red and metallic yellow. Articulation-wise, it is not as good as I expected. Mainly because I've seen a picture of this figure in the kneeling with his fist touching the ground pose, but I haven't been able to reproduce this pose. There wasn't a whole lot of poses I could get it to do. But my opinion on articulation may be bias after my recent review of the Revoltech T28.

As you can see, the mold on the left part of the mask is not that good. I am sure I just got the bad apple because my stealth version Iron Man has a perfect sculpt there.

The translucent "blast ray" attaches to his wrist via the C-shape part of the ray. However, using the ray will limit the amount of poseability because of its weight.

"Time to wrap it up!"

In conclusion, I would like to give this figure a 3.5/5. Partial points were taken off due to my particular mold defect. Another thing was the poseability, but this is my first 3 3/4" figure, so I am not sure if this is what I should expect (ex. GI Joes). IMO, I think for the price ($10), it should include some more accesories. One thing that I think will be very useful is a display stand (another Revoltech influence). Will I buy more? Definitely yes! Especially since there is another Iron Man coming in the second wave!


  1. Very detail review with good photography. I like the cards and the envelop. It was a nice touch by the toy marker.

    Paint job aside, I think the head really look quite weird. The eyes seems to be too big and on the side view, the head look like a alien. Iron man head (helmet) suppose to be round at the back right?

    Overall a good figure...I just missed the chances of getting one of these 3.5 ones... Don't mind getting it for fun.

  2. LOL now that you mentioned it and I went back to take a look at the back side picture. His head does remind me of the alien in AvP LOL

    I believe this mold came out in 6" before too. I think it's a comic Iron Man. The wave 2 IM is even an older version too.

    The mold defect on my figure definitely takes away the original look of the mask. I was too excited to play with one so I couldn't wait to get another one haha.

  3. I aways have soft spot for 3.5" scale figures...the details & paint look great esp for this scale

  4. very cool pix and great review.