Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kre-O Combiners (Part 1)

I have been waiting for these Kre-O Combiners to hit the shelves ever since they were announced probably half a year ago. I've always liked mini-figs but never got into collecting them, but since Kre-O started doing their blind packed Micro Changers line, I've been hooked.

Since I didn't have internet in India for the past two weeks, I spent Tuesday night updating myself on all the stuff I've missed in that period. Turns out the new Kre-O Combiners and Micro Changers are starting to hit the shelves here now. It took me several trips of hunting to finally find them all at once on Saturday. I grabbed the full set of Micro Changers blind packs and the full set of Combiners.

Today I put together the Predaking and Devastator and man were they a blast to put together! For $13 each, they are a great value and are an excellent start to 2013 for Transformers merchandise.

Here are the Predacons included in the set, the 5th member of the team is available in the blind packs.

Divebomb, Torox, Headlock, Razorclaw
Kre-O Predacons

Predaking - I think this looks pretty good as is, there are few changes I would like to make but am lacking the pieces to do so...
Kre-O Predaking

The Constructicons - again a 5th member can be found in the blind packs, there is no 6th member available though.

Scrapper, Scavenger, Mixmaster, Bonecrusher

Kre-O Constructicons

Devastator - The stock build of this was really skinny so I decided to beef him up using some spare parts. I think this looks much better than the original design.

Original design can be seen here at Hasbro's site.

Kre-O Devastator

I highly recommend picking these guys up if you have the slightest interest in them! If you have Lego, that would be even more fun as I believe Kre-O's are compatible with Lego's and it would be easier to beef them up to your liking.


  1. How to get the set? I want Devastator

    1. Each set comes with 4 Kreons which combines into the Combiner. But in the blind pack, there's also another member of the Constructicons. It does not add to the Combiner officially, but there are many fan-modes to combine them. I personally used spares to upgrade my Devastator since I want to keep the whole set of Kreons.

  2. Just saw all 4 set at the store the other night and was tempted. I think the price point on them are good and I might get at lest one set....maybe.

    1. You really should grab at least one of them! They are sooo much fun to put together. I was thinking of waiting for them to go on sale first, but they are selling out way too fast so I grabbed the set when I saw them right away.