Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Best trip ever!

Hi guys! I just got back from my trip in India! This trip has got to be my best trip experience ever even though it was a tough one since we were backpacking on a budget. I've seen A LOT of stuff that I wouldn't have seen anywhere else (both good and bad stuff). Just to throw out some stuff on top of my head:

- riding in a ricksaw
- riding on the back of a motorcycle in night time traffic (I was freaked out about this, but it turned out to be awesome and I think it is the true way to experience India)
- pack of dogs eating a cow (on the side of the road)
- pack of crows eating a dog (side of road)
- almost drove into a camel crossing the road (the camel stepped on the hood of the car)
- waay too many close calls with head-on collisions with vehicles (crazy free-for-all traffic there)
- nastiest public washrooms ever in the Jaisalmer fort
- zip-lining across the Mehrangarh Fort walls over cliffs (this was AMAZING)
- being popular in India since I've got asked to take pictures with locals so many times I've lost count
- attending my friend's wedding (this was up there with the zip-lining since it was the first time I've been to a traditional Indian wedding)

There were so many crazy/amazing experiences in this trip that I can't even think of them all here at once. I have tons of pictures to go over and I will probably do several write-ups on my experiences there. Since I was backpacking with limited budget, I basically didn't have internet for the whole two weeks...that's a new record! LOL now I need to catch up on the new stuff and pay some bills off (got my invoice for MP13!).

Oh and here we are posing on the prison that Batman climbed out of in the Dark Knight Rises. This was in Johdpur in Rajasthan. The background is the amazing Mehrangarh Fort. This is also the place we went ziplining.

Dark Knight Prison Break