Sunday, January 6, 2013

Big Red

Got this figure from cornerstone comics from Ebay, I ordered it online since it will probably take several months for any local stores to get them.

NECA is really coming through with their newer figures now. I remember a few years back, 4 out of the 5 figures I get from them will either break right out of the box or is missing some parts. The problem I was most scared with NECA figures is the paint on the joints, they make the joints get stuck and any attempt to move the joints will result in it snapping right off. But so far, all the recent figures I got from NECA were really good in quality control. There were no paint on joints and the joints moved smoothly out of the box which is a big relief.

I've wanted this figure ever since I saw the announcement, what's better than a Predator? A Samurai Predator!

Predator - Big Red

Other than the regular open palm hands, NECA surprised me by including a pair of extra hands to hold the samurai swords. Unfortunately the swords that came with the figure were slim and wimpy, they look more like chopsticks than swords.

I borrowed the sword from the Headmaster Transformers Bludgeon upgrade kit for this shot, this sword looks muuuuch better than the stock chopsticks.
Predator - Big Red

And then for something more extreme...a Dr.Wu diecast sword haha
Predator - Big Red

By the way, the reason I am pumping out pics like crazy is because my hard drive on my main computer died so I don't have the regular distractions (games) that normally wastes my time on. I am currently using a dinky 7" netbook that can barely play Youtube videos so when's a better time to play with my toys right? In fact, without gaming, I feel like I have much more time on my hands as well. It feels as if time passes much slower LOL


  1. Dang this dude looks cool in your pictures...But heck everything does in your picture. : )

    1. Thanks jboy! It is a very cool figure indeed, I am so glad NECA has made a big improvement on this line because I love it, but stopped collecting them because of the crappy quality from before.

  2. Hi,
    I know this thread is pretty old. Do you know where I can buy extra hands,swords, etc for this figure?