Saturday, December 15, 2012

You can never have too many zombies...!

After checking out several Toysrus and coming up empty-handed with S.L.U.G. Zombies figures (sigh...why can't we ever get the good stuff up here!?). I scoured Ebay for some, these things are being scalped like crazy on there! I saw 3 of those 3-packs from the Xmas series going for $60! I managed to score a lot of loose figures (series 2 & 4 I believe) for just a little over a buck each, which is not bad. I only have doubles for 2 out of the total 14 figures so that's a plus.

ARGHHH!!! I am sooo addicted to these little figures...want the Xmas packs sooo baaad!!!

Anyways, here's my favourite from the lot. This one seems to be different from the others because it has a hole in the bottom, can possibly be used as a pencil topper? And it's a zombie in three boxes! It's so weird and awesome at the same time haha


Another one of my favs from the lot...funkaay!!

Then I experiment with cranking up the macro-ness on my lens...and here are the results. It's not as crisp as the other pictures yet...but I am working on it!

I just love the expression on this guy!


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    1. Really? Ohh maaan I wish we had a Target up here...actually I heard Target is coming to Canada and replacing Zellers...but I think that's still a long way down the road.