Sunday, December 9, 2012


I think I just fell into another addiction after getting the MODOK vs. Akuma Minimates set. I picked up 2 more sets on Friday and I've been playing with them non-stop even though I am down with a cold right now. I think the coolest part about these little figures are that their parts are interchangeable. I didn't even know until last night that the Iron man figure I got has a Tony Stark head under his helmet, same with Spiderman. It adds to the fun since I can mix and match the parts easily to create some funny characters. The articulation is not bad for these little figures as well, it has enough to recreate some fighting poses. And lastly the fact that some of these include awesome effect parts just tops it all off! Now I have the itch to hunt for more!!! Arghh!!! Ultimate Spiderman JCH_8748 JCH_8749 JCH_8750 JCH_8751