Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Glass

Received my final packages that I will be getting for a while today. First up, grail haul is the SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Diend. I wanted this figure for a loooong time, when it was released I didn't have the funds to get both him and Decade so I ended up just getting Decade. And when I had the money for Diend, he was sold out everywhere and his prices skyrocketed. I got this figure from a fellow toy collector for a relatively good deal (compared to Ebay prices) so I am happy that I finally have him.

And big second haul from B&H is a new lens for my DSLR. I haven't gotten any new lens since my 35mm and 50mm primes that I got when I initially bought my camera last year. I spent most of my funds on toys and didn't get any new lenses. But I am planning on starting to go on some vacations so I need to build up my trip-lens-arsenal before I go anywhere since I want to be able to capture everything I see. The first one I decided to pick up is a ultra-wide angle lens, a Tokina 12-24mm f4. I got this one over the alternatives because I know Tokina lenses are really well built and has good image quality. The other 12-24 f4 is made by Nikon and is double the price of this one. I read many good reviews on this lens so I decided to pick it up. I also picked up a polarizer for the lens, although it is not recommended to use a polarizer with UWA lenses, but I just love the effect of polarizers so I will have to work with it.



  1. Sweet figure JC congrats on him. : )

  2. I always wanted a DSLR and had always exceeded budget getting toys. It's going to be a far future plan. Lolz... Nice figure to grab along with.

  3. Haha ya I am trying to reduce my spending on toys and move some budget over to my camera gear now.