Friday, May 4, 2012

Amiami Haul of April

Just received this loot from Amiami today, I love EMS shipping even though it's so expensive because it was shipped on Wednesday and I received it today already! I don't bother with SAL anymore unless I am only ordering a few items (rarely LOL).

This time I got:

Revoltech Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist
Revoltech Alphonse Elric from Full Metal Alchemist
Revoltech Iron Man Mark III
Takara Terracon Cliffjumper from Transformers Prime
SIC Kiwami Horse Orphnoch
Scorpion Zodiarts Vinyl figure from Kamen Rider Fourze (ordered this just before they announced the Figuarts...argh)
LBX Custom Effect parts 001-004 (thought these might work for other figures)
WAVE Corp H-Hangar set (this one was bigger and packaged nicer than I expected, I thought it would just come in a plastic baggy, really looking forward to messing around with this set)

Again, great services and very fast shipping from Amiami, that's why I keep going back to them. Even after shipping, the prices are better than buying locally so it's a no brainer. But sometimes it scares me to think of how much money I have given them over these few years of collecting LOL

MAN this week is just so full of AWESOME! Got all these toys and got my tickets ready for the AVENGERS movie tomorrow WOOOHOOO!



  1. Very awesome! Congrats on this great haul.

  2. The custom effect is some thing really interesting. Good for you especially when you so many figurines...