Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beast Wars Optimus Primal

I lied, I am not going to capture Injector's bot mode today. I was just itching to take a picture of this guy which I also received yesterday, THE Optimus Primal. He is somewhat of a grail for me since I had him when I was a kid but he was unfortunately donated to Salvation Army by my mom when I was in my teen years when I could care less about toys. I've been wanting to get him back for a long time but he was very hard to find for a good price. I stumbled upon this guy when I just felt determined to get one no matter what last weekend. I figured with all the recent purchases of all my WANTS, this one is a MUST on the list, so I started hunting. After going through pages and pages of sale posts on the local forum, I found him. He wasn't complete though (missing missiles and sword I think), but I remember I lost those parts when I was young too so they don't matter to me. Finally receiving him and Injector just brought on a rush of nostalgic feelings to me, I felt like I was a kid all over again. I couldn't help but transform him and play pretend "flight" with him on my desk (at least for a few seconds LOL).



  1. Optimus PRIME Ape! LOL Just a joke.

  2. Congrats on getting a hold of a childhood favorite JC. : )

  3. @Leon: lol I think he actually goes by Ape Prime quite a lot haha

    @jboypacman: Thanks!