Sunday, February 20, 2011

Open The Toy Long Weekend

(First thing's first, this post has nothing to do with Leon over at Open The Toy, just so happens this is the title I chose, although there might be some influence from him too haha)

This week we have a long weekend because of family day and I've decided to clean out some NIB stuff I've been stashing for a while. I was originally going to keep my Marvel Universe figures MOC because I like the art on them and how they look in the packaging. But lately I've been thinking, how could I even enjoy the toy if I don't open them? If I don't open them and actually have the toy to fiddle with in my hands, then I would never be able to "experience" the toy then what's the point of owning it in the first place? Haha I think I've been too busy with work lately that on my down time I think of silly stuff like this LOL!

Soooo this weekend, I will be opening all of the following (all Marvel Universe I have) and two Kamen Rider SIC Kiwamis that I haven't had a chance to open yet. Let's Open The Toy!

(I will put all updates in this post)


[Update 1]
After frantically ripping all the packaging open, I am left with this...



First impressions: Man! These MU are a rip-off! $10 and most of loose joints right out of the box. I am really not liking those hips though, same with the Juggernaut I open earlier this week, those hip joints feel really flimsy. I am scared of snapping them off if I try to move them too much. Spiderman just sucks since all the other Spidermans I have has a lot of articulation and can do almost any pose imaginable, but this one...disappointing. The best out of the lot is Colossus, although his left leg is very loose, he has more joints and overall just feels like I got more of my $10 worth. Thor is pretty cool too, I guess they are still improving as I can see the improvements made throughout the line from Wave 1 Stealth Ironman to Wave ? Thor and Colossus. Will I buy anymore? Most likely, as I am a sucker for Marvel figures, but I will probably put more money into hunting down Marvel Legends than the MU stuff, which is easy since I am still seeing only those red ninja's at my local stores in the MU isle.

[Update 2]
Even though the figures aren't as good as I expected, I still had fun with them! And that's all that matters in the end, right?






Uh-oh...power overload...

All that power got absorbed by Juggernaut somehow and he turned to Super Juggernaut!





Can't help but think Juggernaut looks like a rabbit behind his helmet...LOL

Now comes the other problem, display room...I have no more of that so they now all reside on my desk. I mean I don't mind them being there since looking at them will probably increase my work efficiency, but there's only so much room on my desk and it can't support all the toys I still have to open, all the toys that I pre-ordered, and all the toys that I will continue buying...sign


  1. I am loving this post especially the title. LOL

    I have to say the spider-man look very 90s as the black lines on his suit look marker bold.

    For open toys, you may want to find some stack-able display for 3 3/4 inches. Normally open toys can put into toy boxes to keep. :)

  2. Haha thanks Leon! Unfortunately, I've never seen any stackable displays for sale here in Canada. I saw them when I was in HK for cheaap, now I am really regretting not picking some up when I had the chance!

  3. That Juggernaught is one evil dude lol.