Thursday, February 17, 2011

Marvel Select Juggernaut

Been really busy at work lately, but manage to drop by Planet X right before they close yesterday and finally grabbed the Marvel Select Juggernaut that I've been looking for for weeks! The sculpt on this guy is just amazing! I've always wanted the Marvel Legends Juggernaut before, but not after I saw the MS release. This one blows the ML one right out of the water! The sculpt is perfect, exactly how I like my Juggernaut. Articulation are alright, but again it's Marvel Select so it's more like a statue with a few joints. I also opened up my Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends Showdown Juggernauts to compare them with the MS one. The MLS one has a similar sculpt to the ML one, I don't know why I use to like this sculpt, but the proportions look all wrong now. The MU one is pretty sweet though, just like the MS one I like, but with less details. One thing I am disappointed on the MU is the hip joints, they are made of a soft plastic and it feels like it will strain and break when I try to move them. So if you like the MU Juggernaut, you will definitely like the MS one too, it's just a larger version of it with some very nice details. Only con for me on the MS Jugg is the lack of wrist joints, that's one point from making this a perfect figure for me.




  1. For Juggernaut, the bigger the better. Congrats!

  2. Yes, the Marvel Selects are NICE LOOKING- got a few myself. This one is particularly nice...

  3. Thanks guys! Ya this one looks GREAT! One of the better looking pieces from Marvel Select. The texture and paint on this guy is just amazing! And he makes the Hulk look puny LOL! You know what, I really hope MS end up doing a Rhino from Spiderman! THAT would be SUPER COOL since it will be perfect for 6" Spidermans! PLEASE MS PLEASE MAKE RHINO!!!