Sunday, August 22, 2010

USA haul

Just went across the border for some shopping yesterday, got some items for very good prices. First we checked out a fashion outlet mall, ended up picking these up from the Converse store for about $20! Great deal considering these usually go for about $50-60 here in Canada. The laces are for another pair of Converse I have but the laces got chewed down by my dog.

Before going back to Canada, we dropped by a Target close by. I've always heard of their low prices for toys from other US bloggers so I had to check it out. The toy selection were alright and the prices were really nice for most. I also found out from the flyer posted out in the entrance that the transformers deluxes were on sale at the moment, so I literally ran to the toy department and was luckily able to grab these 3 new releases (last ones too!) for $10.25 each taxed-in! (these usually cost about $18 after taxes in Canada)

By the way, the WFC Optimus and BB are AWESOME! Their transformation to vehicle mode are complicated and fun and very well thought out, they look amazing and resembles their in-game counterparts very accurately! And I also just LOVE the Seeker mold, gotta catch them all! More pics of these three coming soon!