Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's Nerf or Nothing

Thanks to Leon at Open the Toy, I've wanted to pick up a Nerf gun for quite some time now. Browsing over SGNerf, the Longshot CS-6 stood out to me because I've always liked sniper rifles. Well I finally picked up the Longshot today.

I already had some fun with target practice with my figures haha. It is actually quite fun, an inexpensive solution for some shooting. I am not very fond of the scope it comes with though, I don't think it is any use except for looking cool. Also wished it came with more darts (only 1 clip with 6 darts included). I really need to get some more darts and clips, did a search online and found a pack called "Flip Clip", looks like it comes with 2 clips and several darts. I think that's the pack I am looking for, didn't see any of these where I got the gun though. Anyways I think I am going to look at some simple mods for it later and probably give it a paintjob.

I would also like to pick up another gun with a fasting firing rate, possibly the Maverick? Any recommendations?

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  1. Hey you got the longshot! that one of the nerf gun i always wanted!! LOL happy shooting!