Friday, August 13, 2010

Another order from Amiami

I've been waiting for these for soooo long and they are finally here!!! Amiami has become my turn to place for ordering Japanese figures. Their prices are great and their customer service is excellent. Be sure to check them out!

The packaging looks very nice!

They also came with these 3D pieces too, possibly because I preordered these items.

Back of packaging showing the features.

Packaging opens up to reveal the figure and background(?) with beautiful pictures from the movies.

That alternate Woody face just cracks me up! It's gonna come in handy for some hilarious pictures!


  1. I order from Amiami too and get the 3D stuff. Make me want to order from the again.

  2. Ya, ever since my first order from them for the Ultraman went so smoothly, I know I am going to stick with them from then on. They always get the products so fast for preorder at such good prices that when I see it, I preorder them right away lol! I just wished they had some type of order tracking showing what I have preordered and what month their releases are.