Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Childhood Hero

just came in this morning!!!

When I found out they were going to release an Ultraman action figure, I was overwhelmed with joy! I was obsessed with Ultraman when I was 5 years old. I still remember watching it after dinner and then role-playing as Ultraman while my uncle is the monster and we would fight LOL! Of course Ultraman always won hahah! I also used to have all the vinyl Ultraman figures, you know, the ones with only the shoulder joints. Ohhh those were the days...anyways I can't wait to get the baddies also so I can remake some classic scenes!

And who can forget the opening theme song? It's been stuck in my head ever since I saw it 16 years ago!


  1. it's sold out here in KL!!!! darn!

  2. Ya I was scared that I will miss out on getting him so I preordered him a few months ago already haha! He is one AWESOME figure, I am actually PLAYING with this figure, not just posing it LOL, he's currently fighting snoopy monster hehehe

  3. You bought 2 of them? I got one of it and will be reviewing this few days. :)

  4. The other one is for my friend haha, I was thinking of doing a review, but I was actually waiting to see if you got it too haha!

  5. you should do your review too. long time never see you doing toy review actually. its a fun toy by the way. hehehe

  6. woo, i found one more blogger with ultra act Ultraman! that is Ultra-fun figure to play with ^^; i have more fun than any figure in my experiences

    btw nice blog, care to do link exchange? mine is

    thank you