Saturday, June 26, 2010

Today's haul

I am splurging way too much lately. Just received the R1 a few days ago and I am already getting new toys again. Today's haul includes a Ground Pounder Monster Truck by Redcat and a Tamiya Knight Hauler. The Knight Hauler was a late father's day present for my dad though, so this haul wasn't all mine. The haulers are probably's Tamiya's most luxurious RC line. The whole setup is not cheap, but they are really cool. Just watch the following video and you will know what I am talking about. Note: the sound effects are not added in the video, there is a multifunction unit (sold separately) which does all the sounds and light effects.

As for the Redcat Ground Pounder, I have always been a solid axle monster truck fan, just like the real trucks. There are plenty of independent suspension trucks in the RC market, but I was never interested in them, sure they handle good and all, but they are just not as cool as solid axles. Redcat is a relatively new company to the RC scene. I've never actually bought anything from these newer companies because I am scared that they will be junk. But I have read great things about these trucks on many forums and it looks like Redcat takes care of their customers really good. This truck is actually a V3 because there were some bugs that some people experience during the initial release of this truck and they actually came out with the V3 with all of them fixed. Now THAT is customer service. Another thing is because this is a solid axle truck! There are probably only around 10 solid axle trucks in the market, with probably only a quarter of that aimed at the monster truck racing crowd (the others are for rock crawling). So it is quite nice to have another player to compete in the game, therefore I had to give them a try. So far I've only been able to run it indoors because it has been raining the whole day, but stock speed seems pretty good. I will have to wait til tomorrow to test it outside, can't wait though! Here's a video to show what it is:


  1. The truck looks cool with sounds and light features. It functions like a real truck on the road. It is impressive!!

  2. Thanks guys! Just ran through 2 packs of batteries on the Ground Pounder and it was so much fun! Haven't had this much fun with RC's in years!