Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So here I was playing as Skywarp in chapter 2 of the War for Cybertron Decepticon campaign when I felt my chair shaking underneath my bottom. At first I thought it was my dog or someone nudging my chair, but no one was behind me. Since I was so immersed into the game, I thought I was shaking my bottom unconsciously LOL! Shortly after, messages from my friends confirmed that it was indeed an earthquake. It is on the news right now and it was reported as a 5.0 magnitude one. I've never felt an earthquake before so it was quite scary to think that it could occur here (thought we were in an inactive area). I would have probably freaked out if I was at work today being that I am in the top floor of the building which is regularly only accessible by elevator, except for the stairs which activate the fire alarm.

After a thorough check, my toys are safe and none of them tumbled over.


  1. That was close! Glad that you and your toys are all right!

  2. Thanks Leon and Juliana! It was really nothing big, but just took me by surprised since I've never felt an earthquake while living here for about 15 years.