Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Uncle's 1:6 Collection

A while ago, I posted a picture of the 1:6 figure that I got from my uncle several years ago. The figure reminded me of his collection of 1:6 figures. I've never actually seen it in person since I haven't been back to Hong Kong for a long while. I actually have never even chat with him about his collection since I wasn't interested back then. Now that I look back at these pics, I really want to check out his collection! Haha! I will probably go back in a year or two after graduating. It would be nice to go toy shopping. Ahhh...just thinking about it makes me excited!

So I dug up some pics of his collection. Too bad there is no full view of his whole collection, I really wonder how many he has. For sure, his collection must have grown a lot since these pics (these were from 4-5~ years ago if I remember correctly). I will probably give him a call to see if he can send me some more pics and also to tell him to visit my blog haha.

The pictures are scans, click to enlarge.
Ahh...I just love HK police uniforms!


  1. Wah! lots of Dragon modern military and RHKP figures..

  2. Too bad he is not into the sci-fi stuff haha

  3. I am also a collector for Dragon special forces and US army figures many years ago. Only recently started to collect movie related figures. I believe hobby will change from time to time..Haha!!

  4. Haha ya I doubt he buys much anymore now, his hobby now is probably taking care of his son lol